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ummmm [Jun. 29th, 2013|08:58 pm]
does anyone still use this thing??
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quick update [Jan. 8th, 2011|06:45 pm]
[Current Location |United States, New York, Rye Brook]

- italy was great. rome was amazing. pompeii interesting. sorrento beautiful. capri/amalfi coast breathtaking. see pictures via fb.

- christmas/my bday/new years were all fun. im 22, i think. happy 2011

- living at home is weird. miss my own place. rye brook is boring.

- i am now a working person. this was my first week at pricewaterhousecoopers. pwc is sweet. im in training. commuting to nyc is fun.

- i want thai food, but getting japanese instead. close enough.

- i love hazelnut coffee. alot.

the end.
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oh, life. [Nov. 14th, 2010|09:13 pm]
[Current Location |United States, Pennsylvania, Lafayette Hill]
[Current Mood |accomplishedaccomplished]

so the last, like, 8 weeks, have been absolutely insane. everything i've done has been part of my job search, and it consumed my entire post-china life. in the end i had about 6 job offers. my first offer was from IBM like two weeks ago for a job in fishkill ny and then i got one from Citigroup last week for a job in delaware. then shit went down on wednesday-

so i was in nyc for my interview at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) which was from like 9am-3pm. the interview goes well and the position was for audit, something i really want to do. soon afterward i get a call from PNC in pittsburgh and they offer me with an insanely high salary/signing bonus offer. then, since i was like theres no way i will get the pwc job and i dont want to move to pittsburgh or delaware, i called ibm since my deadline for them was the next day. i negotiated salary a few grand while sitting in bryant park and accepted. i was so sure of it. like two hours later, as im getting my luggage from my hotel at 38th and park and walking to meet julia at grand central i see a voicemail from pwc. though it was weird since it was like night... they offered me in the voicemail. i was like fuck, i JUST accepted ibm. really came out of left field, and had no idea i would land a Big4 job.

i eventually decide to accept PWC over IBM (NOT an easy decision as IBM was offering more $), so thursday and friday i try to call ibm but can't get in touch with my contact. in the interim i also get offers from larson allen for a job in washington dc and from lockheed martin for a job in virginia. also given offers for final round interviews at bloomberg, blackrock, dupont, etc. friday i finally officially accept pwc and send an email to ibm revising my decision. really hated doing it by email but i had to cover my ass.

so come january 3rd i will start at pwc in the city. its right at 42nd and madison so its real close to grand central which will be nice as i will be commuting from home as julia & i save up for an apartment in the city. i found out i'm being assigned to the alternative investments industry, so ill be auditing hedge funds and places like that, which should be incredibly interesting. it will be tough, big 4 is no joke, and i'll be studying for the cpa as well as taking a few grad level courses to meet the semester hours requirement for the cpa. but, i think i made the best decision and i know i will be truly challenged there. its surreal that my job search is finally over and that i actually got an amazing job in nyc.

julia's bday november 24th then thanksgiving then moving out of my apartment in pennsylvania december 4th, last final/graduate december 7th, then christmas/my 22nd birthday!

so excited for starting real life.
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(no subject) [Oct. 13th, 2010|12:35 am]
long time, no update. this one won't be real either though.

china was awesome. amazing time, wish i could have been there much longer. made some great friends and the world's fair was so surreal. shanghai is kickass.

happy fall. love it.

my one and only goal for the remainder of 2010 is getting a decent job. graduating college in less than two months, can not believe it. shit.

that is all.
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ready to be done [Jun. 23rd, 2010|09:42 pm]
[Current Location |United States, Pennsylvania, Lafayette Hill]
[Current Mood |awakeawake]

soo i was in kentucky last week and i got to see sam! that was awesome.. so was cracker barrel... haha

anyway my life for the next 6 months at least is as follows:

-summer term (last full undergraduate term ever!)
-CHINA (shanghai 2010 expo!)
-move out of my apartment
-fall term (only 2 or 3 classes, either commute from NY or live part time at my aunts in NJ)
-GRADUATION!!! (december) very happy im graduating early
-perpetual job search and/or law school applying............

my 8am tax class this term is going to be awful and sheer torture but whatever, its only 20 classes all together, and about 5 of them are hybrid so they're online. just hoping for this term to go by much faster than last term.. summer usually does.

going home on tomorrow night after class. have to apply for my chinese visa friday at the chinese consulate in nyc and then an adventure day in the city with case, woohoo! hah.. city again on sat for tour de cure for diabetes thenn other random weekend stuff. amtrak back to philly sunday night.

very happy i have central air and a pool to keep me from dying this summer lol but my cars a/c broke and i hardly have any time to get it fixed. gah.

i was semi-sick this week for the first time in a very very long time, i hardly ever get sick. it kind of sucked, but it wasnt bad enough for me to have to stay home.

anddd its almost my bedtime. due to 8am class. ack.
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(no subject) [Apr. 1st, 2010|07:51 pm]
[Current Location |United States, Pennsylvania, Lafayette Hill]
[Current Music |tv]

sooo since other people that havent updated in a really really long time are now, i feel obligated to as well, lol.

i spent two weeks in europe with julia and it was amazing. england, belgium, and france were so cool. i'll be uploading all of our pictures on facebook maybe tonight or tomorrow. some highlights: the catacombs in paris (so cool/creepy), stonehenge, sacre coure, the louvre, bath/salisbury, versailles, windsor castle, the tower of london, big ben, belgian chocolate/waffles/beer/mussels, seeing billy elliot in london, etc. etc.

now it's back to reality- still working part time @ J&J for this week and next week training my replacement and to help thru quarter close. also working as a writing tutor which is a lot more intense now then it used to be. we used to just get a small stipend for the term but now it's like an hourly job, ugh.
as far as school i decided to go easy this quarter and only take 4 classes. 15 credits. its so crazy taking such a ridiculously light course-load, once im done at j&j its going to be so weird having so little class. however, some of my classes are fairly intense like operations management and my intermediate accounting course. im also taking a finance class that should be okay, and a psych 101 class that i think will be pretty simple. commuting from the suburbs kind of sucks but i love where i live so its worth it.

todays weather is amazing, i wish it was like this all the time. im currently sitting on the balcony of my apartment as i write watching golf-carts go by. olga and i got sundaes this afternoon and they were terrific.

julia and i saw alice in wonderland in 3d after we got back from paris. i thought it was pretty sweet. what did u guys that saw it think?

andd its almost easter! happy easter everyone. i get to drive my aunts new convertible this weekend to my grandmas :-) im excited, especially since it will be so nice out.

thats all folks
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things [Feb. 10th, 2010|01:46 am]
[Current Location |United States, Pennsylvania, Lafayette Hill]
[Current Music |news]

so work is really starting to get to me now and making me more excited to get back to school. i had a meeting with my advisor last week and i can graduate two entire quarters early, in december instead of june 2011. although thats still late compared to other people since im in a 5 yr program, im pretty excited i'll get out earlier than expected. i literally only have 9 classes left at drexel. so basically i can go part time in the summer and only take 1 or 2 classes if i wanted to. if i didnt have sequential accounting classes i couldve graduate in the summer, hah, really glad i've been an over-achiever the last two years. i was thinking of working at J&J part time in the summer but to be honest i dont think i want to. all the politics and such at work are really making me not like the company, whatever, maybe my feelings will change by the end. my midterm went well but not extraordinary. just trying not to lose motivation. because of all the recalls we've had a lot more work than usual and i got to help with the call center which was interesting but very happy i dont have to do that every day of my life, i would die. lol

in other news there is so much snow here in PA (they got 20+ inches friday/saturday) and so much more coming down right now. as a result, i will likely be working from home tomorrow which will be awesome. drexel already declared a snow day (first time in years), so my night class is canceled. i was supposed to have a presentation so i'm happy i dont have to do it tomorrow anymore. hah people here in PA can not drive in the snow, seriously. i went to costco after work and it took like 8 times longer than usual because people are dumb.

in a little over a month julia & i will be going to europe. london then brussels then paris. i'm going to keep a pretty detailed "journal" of it to remember the trip and post to the travel forum's i use, so expect a copy here if ur interested + pictures. soo much goes into planning a trip like this, and i cant believe its almost here! i think julia and i are both most excited about paris...

this weekend im going to boston with julias family, hoping its not as crazy cold as boston usually is.

over the weekend i got to spend a lot of time at caseys which was awesome and interesting (lol casey).. we went to long island saturday to meet her friend from california and that was alot of fun. during the superbowl sunday i fell asleep, how sad is that? however, i did get to help start the fireplace so that was a highlight for me. hahaha hence my username, pyromaniac

there is so much snow coming down right now. i kind of want to go play in it. i think i may organize an impromptu co-op snowball fight for tomorrow if its not really terrible. our site closed which is insane because we have a major plant on-site so they never ever close it. lets see if this snow lives up to its name. i'm over it, let it be summer already!!!!!! cant wait for beach weather :-)
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(no subject) [Jun. 8th, 2009|09:25 pm]
 so i got back today. i was in california since wednesday and it was sweet.

more details later. im frigin exhausted.

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(no subject) [May. 31st, 2009|05:44 pm]
 i'm so very close to being done with this term and i've lost all motivation to do anything whatsoever except be lazy

it's sort of a problem considering finals are coming up. my accounting final is on wednesday and i legit know NONE of the material. ugh

and then i have ONE week of freedom before i have to do this all over again for summer term. i know that that week is going to go by in a flash too. i wana see everyone alot, i miss my friends. 

in other news, my brothers baseball team is in the ncaa college baseball world series. pretty sweet. may go to california to check them out if they make it to superregionals. my bro wanted to fly me out to louisville this weekend but i said i had to study. which i did not do at all. so i really shouldve fucking gone. im pissed at myself.

and its too nice out, i wana go down the shore.....

looking forward to maybe going to mexico again, this summer at some point with julias family. that would be awesome.

how is everyone else doing?
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stuff [May. 15th, 2009|12:10 am]
 so i really intended on being productive today and crossing things off my ever-expanding to-do list. that so did not happen. instead, i did some laundry, and watched a LOT of tv. including degrassi which i havent watched in forever, as well as greys anatomy tonight which was crazy. 

i have sooo much to do and only 3 weeks left of classes then finals. ahh. where did this term go? like seriously.

last weekend being home was much needed. i had a somewhat impromptu beer pong party at my house where im pretty sure i was the only one to get drunk.. hah. and there was a crazy bird that kept flying around under my porch and into my back porch sliding door. it was either crazy or sick or something.. mothers day we celebrated at julias with lobster/filet mignion. so good. came back to school monday.

i also registered for summer classes the other day. should be alright, only 18 credits! i decided to go slightly easier on myself for the summer term lol taking: art history, intermediate corporate finance, accounting information systems, operations management, and business communication. only have classes monday night 6-10PM, tuesday 9:30AM-10PM, and thursday 9:30AM-5PM with some really random hour breaks in between there. but no classes most of monday, or all of wednesday and friday=awesomeness. cant wait to also be living on campus again. having a female housemate that i have to share a bathroom with might be somewhat awkward.. but its only three months so how bad could it be.

new green day cd comes out tomorrow. going to try and remember to pick it up ASAP. sam, good luck at walmart tonight at midnight!! lol

julias comin to philly tomorrow afternoon :-) and then ANGELS & DEMONS TOMORROW night with most of the crew. should be sweet.

then practice LSAT pretty much all day saturday= not so sweet.

in other news, im in the process of searching for my next and last co-op. there is a chance i might get asked back at IBM which would be really really really convienent. i think i was offered the defense intelligence agency position at the pentagon because i have a voicemail from the recruiter asking to call her back, but i dont want it. if ibm falls through im applying to all the same companies as last year pretty much. the typical list: johnson and johnson, deloitte & touche, pricewaterhouse coopers, jpmorgan, goldman sachs, blackrock, ernst & young, glaxosmithkline, etc etc etc. i really just dont want to have to go through that whole process again.. so frustrating and time consuming. so i'm hoping my contact at IBM gets the ball rolling and offers me a job. fingers crossed. not looking forward to living at home again however, so maybe i would get an apartment somewhere.

so i should really do something like write one of the majillion papers i have due within the next two weeks.

ahh i wish i was on summer vacation tooooooo

my thoughts are pretty fleeting tonight arent they? 

PS- casey hope ur having an awesome time in south africa! come back WITHOUT aids/malaria, but WITH a cool souvenir present. KTHANKS

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